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Justin Porteous - Founder

I am a techno-guru who loves technology and technological challenges... I also love the bush (wilderness) and merging both and addressing Africa’s biggest upcoming dilemma, seemed only natural ....I wanted to create the Rhino Drone.

By Day I’m the techno-geek tapping away at the keyboard, at night I am figuring out new software and technology but take my time off in the bush, relaxing in nature as we are meant to be.

I also spend some of my quality time giving back and ensuring that our open areas are kept as they are supposed to be.

I love spending time with the volunteer group Makanyane, which I've been a member since 2005, were we help maintain the Pilanesburg Reserve... a very special piece of Africa with a wide diversity of animals.



I want to make a difference; I want to catch a Rhino Poacher. 

Help me give back and create a platform for cost effective poacher tracking!

We want to catch a Rhino Poacher and do so by investigating  a cost effective method which can be adopted world wide.